Design Philosophies

Our design philosophies are based on our strong background in golf course construction and establishment. We believe that great golf courses are created by designers who are intensely involved through all stages of a project and have a “hands-on” approach, working closely with contractors and shapers to capture the very best features a site has to offer.
Whether we are working on a new golf course or making minor alterations to an existing course, we endeavour to:

Enhance the emotional experience by maximum use of the landscape and setting. We accomplish this by focusing the golfer on dramatic views and integrating natural features and surroundings within the design.

Present a challenge and provoke thought through strategic placement of hazards and features within exciting and imaginative course layouts.

Provide a visually pleasing experience through intelligent use of landform, landscape and vegetation to create harmony between the golf course and its surroundings.

Create functionality by the proper use of construction methods and materials to ensure efficient course establishment and maintenance through the life of the golf course.

Deliver a cost-effective product through forward planning, application of our extensive experience, effective selection and control of contractors and attention to detail.