New Courses

The services required by the client will vary depending upon site specifics, but would generally include:

Site analysis and feasibility studies
Within a site analysis we would consider all factors affecting the ability to develop a site as a golf course, ranging from environmental impact assessments (EIA) to market appraisals. We would also consider factors such as soil conditions, existing vegetation and safety to produce a report which will include a conceptual golf course layout, general design philosophies and cost estimates. The content of this report can vary in detail depending upon the requirements of the client.

Selecting the design team
After assessing the project requirements we assist the client by building a team of specialist consultants. These can include but may not be limited to; engineers, surveyors, environmental consultants, agronomists, market analysts, planning consultants.

Planning assessment and approvals
We review the client’s requirements, prepare a planning strategy, confirm the requirement for planning permission and then prepare and submit the required applications.

Application for available grants
We investigate and apply for all available grants related to the particular project.

Development of concept routing alternatives
Upon receiving the client’s brief, we assess all aspects of the site analysis, considering all master planning issues such as findings of the EIA and clubhouse and maintenance facility locations. We then produce alternative golf course layouts for discussion with the client and the design team.

Cost estimates
Based upon the agreed golf course layouts, we consider project costs. Major items may include but not be limited to; general earthworks, feature construction, irrigation and drainage requirements, planting, maintenance facility requirements, maintenance machinery requirements, course establishment.

Construction drawings and specifications
As part of the contract document we provide a full set of professional AutoCAD drawings and construction specifications. The list of drawings will include; finalized routing plan, site clearance and set out, general topsoil strip and earthworks, feature details, drainage layout, irrigation layout, seeding plans and landscaping layout.

Contractor selection
We always prefer to be involved in the interview and selection process of contractors and their key staff.

Construction supervision and management
We carry out regular site visits through the entire process to monitor the progress and workmanship of the contractor, make decisions and approvals regarding all aspects of construction and to fine tune drainage, irrigation and feature locations. We also offer a full-time construction management service if required.

Maintenance facility requirements
We advise clients regarding building and storage requirements to comply with Statutory and Health and Safety Regulations. We also advise regarding machinery requirements and suppliers.

Recruitment of key construction and operational staff
We can assist with sourcing and interviewing qualified staff for all positions through the construction process and following handover for course establishment and ongoing maintenance.

After care service
Following construction and establishment, we make several visits for fine tuning and general advice on operational issues. We can also produce quality control documents for course presentation and course measurement details for yardage books. We are also pleased to participate in sales and marketing events if required.